Friday, September 7, 2007

Liz Durrett info

Liz Durrett

Liz Durrett’s music exists at the twilight crossroads of “soothing”
and “unsettling.” (HARP)

In 2005, Warm Electronic Recordings released Liz’s debut album
‘Husk’. Originally recorded as a demo in an effort to obtain a record
deal, the collection of songs proved to be strong enough in its own
right and quickly obtained widespread critical acclaim for it’s
‘stark loveliness’ (Washington Post) and it’s ‘threadbare sonic
tapestry’ (Splendid Magazine) as well as drawing complimentary
comparisons to the works of Gillian Welch and Hope Sandoval (Mazzy

In 2006, Liz Durrett’s second album, “The Mezzanine” was released by
Warm Electronic Recordings. In contrast to her previous work, “The
Mezzanine” is a surprisingly hi-fi affair. Gone are the hissing
ghosts and unsure echoes that once haunted and obscured her
recordings. And while producer and occasional performer Vic Chesnutt
still adds his trademark, artfully ramshackle recording techniques
and veteran engineer Andy Baker (Macha, Japancakes, Glands) attends
to the more traditional sonic details, they wisely let Durrett steer
the album this time around. It’s her voice and guitar that are the
focus here. And that’s important, because Durrett performs with more
energy, determination and flat out rawness than she ever has before.
From the curiously up-tempo “Cup On The Counter” to the visceral
lament of “Marlene”, Durrett covers a lot of ground within the
album’s eleven songs. Possessing the quiet vehemence of an
approaching storm, “The Mezzanine” proves that Liz Durrett has a
voice that will be heard for many years to come.
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