Friday, October 19, 2007

90.7 The Capstone co-hosts Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing Oct. 29

90.7 The Capstone, Mallet Assembly, and the UA Film Society partner for this event. Here's what Travis Deese of Mallet Assembly has to say about it:


As part of Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, The Mallet Assembly along with 90.7 The Capstone and UA Film Society is putting on a showing of the most deliciously debaucherous musical ever made!

Get ready to dance with the music, throw things at the audience, and shout at the movie with active audience participation. Props should be provided to the first 200 people, but if you fell like bringing your own a list can be found at

Also, if you've never been to this before, even better! I guarantee it's like no other movie experience you've ever had! Just dress in black drag or something similarly sinful.

Remember to get there early and bring a canned food for admission! We also have two rules for the showing:

1. Have fun!
2. Do not throw food or shoot water! You will be escorted out of the theatre. (This includes rice)

Here's the schedule of events:

8:00 - Registration for the costume contest. (Feel free to wear Rocky Horror attire or a regular Halloween costume!)

8:30 - Costume contest inside the Ferg Theater.

9:00 - The movie will promptly start at 9, so get there before then.

After the movie, we'll clean up. If you've had an especially awesome time, we request that you help out!

Remember to research what to say at

P.S. - Isn't this an awesome poster? Saeid Halvaeian, our in-house graphic design guru, made it for us. If you're as completely in awe of this boy's talent as we are, you can contact him at 713-269-7175.

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