Thursday, October 25, 2007


( Tuscaloosa ) The Bama Theatre is one of 36 venues selected to host the 2007-2008 Short Circuit Traveling Film Festival, a project of the Southern Arts Federation. The screening of twelve short films will take place on October 29, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bama Theatre, 600 Greensboro Avenue , in downtown Tuscaloosa . Admission is $7 general, $6 seniors and students, and $5 Arts Council members.

The festival will open with an appearance by Gideon Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater, co-directors of “Dick-George, Tenn -Tom,” prior to the screening of their film. They will open with a presentation about the film and then close with a question/answer session immediately following the screening. Writer & Co-Director Gideon C. Kennedy graduated cum laude from Georgia State University in 2001 with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Journalism. Editor & Co-Director Marcus Rosentrater studied film at The Colorado Film School at the University of Colorado , with an emphasis in post-production. Marcus continues to do work as an editor in Atlanta .. They are currently in the middle of editing a third short, writing a fourth, and arranging for the production of their first feature.

The Short Circuit Traveling Film Festival spotlights recent short films by filmmakers living and working in the Southeastern United States . Selected for their artistic merit by an esteemed panel of media arts professionals, these engaging short films will tour the South during the 2007-2008 season through two separate delivery methods. Short Circuit has been designed to serve as a complementary program to the Southern Circuit - Tour of Independent Filmmakers. Each of the twelve short films featured in the Short Circuit Traveling Film Festival will be paired with one of the twelve filmmakers touring with Southern Circuit. The short films will serve as the opening acts for the touring filmmakers.

The Bama is one of only twenty southeastern theatres – and the only location in the state of Alabama – chosen to host Short Circuit, featuring all twelve shorts in one screening. The Bama Theatre was chosen by the SAF after a competitive grant process in which information about the Bama Theatre and the success of the Cinema Nouveau film series and Jewish Film Festival was provided.

List of Screenings:

“ Dick-George , Tenn -Tom”
Directed by Gideon Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater
Mobile , Alabama
In 1971, President Richard M. Nixon visited Mobile , AL for 104 minutes, during which time he shook 100 feet of hands, lost a cufflink, and shared a stage with his biggest political rival, Governor George Wallace. Dick-George , Tenn -Tom is a sardonic look at their rivalry, the creation of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, and the attempt on Wallace's life less than a year later.

“Tour of Homes”
Directed by Penny Brice
Savannah , Georgia
Once described as the southern belle with a dirty face, Savannah is a city of contradictions, primarily between the haves and have-nots. With its Spanish Moss-draped trees and genteel historic district, it has a dark underbelly of poverty and crime, sustained by racial inequality and fueled by denial. Tour of Homes provides an alternative tour to the ones that cart tourists through the affluent environment of historic downtown Savannah .

“The Language of Limbs: A Documentary on the Agrifolk Art Movement”
Directed by Eyekiss
Atlanta , Georgia
Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats discovers the last true folk artists remaining: 50 leyland cypress trees. Watch the drama unfold as these trees, outfitted with easels, paper and pencils, communicate through art...seriously.

“Bowl Digger”
Directed by Kristy Higby
Alexander , North Carolina
A loving story of octogenarians Maxie and Hilton Eades, rural South Carolinians who create wooden bowls and dough trays as durable as their creators.

“The Cole Nobody Knows”
Directed by Clay Walker
Avondale Estates, Georgia
This documentary profiles Chicago-native Freddy Cole, the virtually unknown, yet equally talented younger brother of Nat "King" Cole. At age 75, Freddy Cole is, at last, finally being recognized for his amazing musical talent.


Directed by Yeon Choi
Lafayette , Louisiana
In an imaginary land that lacks of water and flesh, two skeleton figures find a pair of eyes in the sand. Their selfish minds start a fight over the eyes, and the fight leads to a bitter end.

“Dear Sweet Emma”
Directed by John Cernak
Winston-Salem , North Carolina
As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, a private look reveals that Emma has a secret and uncontrollable dark side. The sweetest angel and favorite citizen of Fishtickle would indeed pose an uncomfortable dilemma for all if her problem were ever found out.


“Wood Diary”
Directed by David Meyers
Henderson , Kentucky
Follow a less-than-ordinary man over the course of one day and discover what it takes most people a lifetime to learn.

Directed by Jorge Moran
Nashville , Tennessee
Theodore knows loneliness, but the challenge of his life is knowing love.

“Moth to Light”
Directed by Elizabeth Strickler
Atlanta , Georgia
Through a dark and tense atmosphere twists the horrific coming of age of Muriel. Caught between the domestic world of her mother and a dark and luring force in the garden, she contemplates what to do with the baby her mother dotes on and whose origins are unknown.

“Mr. Extion”
Directed by Griffin Hood and Barry Battles
Maylene , Alabama
Two life long friends and aspiring filmmakers find that developing an original idea, with no budget, is hard to pull off...especially down South. Through the span of a day, the two reveal their true feelings on film, stereotypes, race, and each other.

“An Abstraction on the Chronology of Will”
Directed by Ben Collins and Kevin Phillips
Savannah , Georgia
William Porten is nothing short of apathetic and despondent after a break-up with his girlfriend. He joins the military, becomes a Special Op, and lives with a sustained note of danger until being faced with a firing squad in the middle of the desert. Through an act of divine intervention his life is saved and his will to live is revitalized.

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