Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dance Alabama! reviewed by Suzanne Flanagan

Dance Alabama! began Monday and lasts until Friday. I'll share my interview with choreographer Lupe Medina soon, but first let's see what Suzanne has to say about it:

Dance Alabama! Fall 2007 worth the watch
By Suzanne Flanagan

Wednesday night’s Dance Alabama! Fall Concert featured a wide variety of styles, talents and creative abilities of UA student dancers. The Dance Alabama! Program is a show compiled of student choreographed pieces. The choreographers are responsible for costumes, lighting, casting, rehearsals and whatever else goes into their dances. The Morgan Auditorium audience never seemed to endure a dull moment during the performance.

One of the favorites of the night was It’s Too Late to Apologize choreographed by Jessica Bostany. This piece was full of beautiful lines and great technique, at the same time incorporating the sharp beats of the song. Bostany’s quick choreography was strongly portrayed by the unison of the four dancers in the piece.

Another memorable dance was Sylvia by Allison Michalke, danced by Elaine Randant. The sound was Sylvia Plath’s reading of her own poem “The Thin People.” This was a new and interesting twist for Dance Alabama! Randant moved to Plath’s voice with angst and discomfort. Her toes literally curled at the mention of “the thin people.”

Another highlight of the performance was Ladies Choice by Lindsay Sockler. Sockler, the president of Dance Alabama!, brought a fresh, upbeat flare with her musical number from the recent movie release of Hairspray. The dancers wore brightly colored skirts and neck scarves while swooning over dancer Lupe Medina.

The diverse range of creativity among student choreographers assures an encouraging impression of the UA Dance Department. Despite disrespectful, whispering audience members, Dance Alabama! is definitely worth seeing.

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