Friday, October 5, 2007

I have no idea why this was emailed to me... which makes it all the more interesting.

Sunday in Asolo with Yoko Ono, Francesco Conz, Luigi Bonotto, Jon Hendricks, Attilio Zamperoni, Philip Corner, Phoebe Neville and Ben Patterson, following the vernissage the previous day of the exhibition “sognare” by Yoko Ono in the Museum di Santa Caterina, Treviso.

Yoko Ono and Jon Hendricks travelled on Sunday, 30 September, to Asolo to meet Francesco Conz, Philip Corner, Phoebe Neville, Ben Patterson, Luigi Bonotto, his sons and his collaborators for lunch at the Hotel Cipriani.

Later, the company moved to the legendary Cafè Centrale where they meet with Attilio Zamperoni and the Mayor of the town, Daniele Ferrazza, around the table dedicated to Joe Jones.

The meeting with Yoko Ono and old friends was very interesting indeed. Memories of previous visits and activities were recounted and plans for new projects were discussed. Towards evening everybody went their own way.

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