Friday, October 26, 2007

We Talk During Movies announces its Halloween special

From a message from We Talk During Movies' Facebook group:

Hey Talkers,
This week we are going to be having the show @ 7:30 CST this Sunday. This is only a temporary time change. We will be viewing the first four episodes from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" Season 1. Hope you can join us for an episode or two!


Length: 26 minutes

Alfred Hitchcock directs this episode about an enraged husband who decides to get revenge on the man who attacked his wife, a former ballet dancer. After defending his fragile wife's honor, he faces an even greater threat from her troubled past.

Additional Actors:
Ralph Meeker, Vera Miles, Frances Bavier, Ray Montgomery, John Gallaudet, Ray Teal, Norman Willis, John Daheim, Lillian O'Malley, Herbert Lytton

Length: 26 minutes

Hoping to reconnect with his estranged father, a pianist returns to his hometown and learns that his dad died four years ago. But things aren't adding up, and the strange behavior of old friends and family only fuels the musician's suspicions.

Additional Actors:
John Forsythe, Cloris Leachman, Warren Stevens, George Macready, Percy Helton, Harry Tyler, Paul Brinegar

Triggers in Leash
Length: 26 minutes

Restaurant owner Maggie gets caught up in a feud between two men who argued during a poker game the night before. Guns are drawn and the men prepare for an old-fashioned duel, but Maggie dares to stop them any way she can.

Additional Actors:
Gene Barry, Darren McGavin, Ellen Corby, Casey MacGregor

Don't Come Back Alive
Length: 26 minutes

A couple's scheme to collect insurance money by faking the wife's death comes back to haunt the husband when his wife returns with a brand-new attitude after spending seven long years in hiding.

Additional Actors:
Sidney Blackmer, Virginia Gregg, Robert Emhardt, Irene Tedrow, Edna Holland

John Brooks Pounders

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