Thursday, November 15, 2007

ARDT reviewed by Suzanne Flanagan

ARDT Fall Concert pleasantly refreshing
By Suzanne Flanagan

Dancers practiced their last pirouettes and leaps on stage before Wednesday night’s performance of ARDT as the audience watched their feet move below the swishing curtain. The Alabama Reparatory Dance Theatre’s Fall Concert is a show filled with diverse choreography by the UA Dance Department faculty and staff. There are eight pieces in the program which feature various styles and forms of movement.

The show opened with a classical piece from Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty. The dancers wore sherbet-colored tutus as they floated across the stage. Tara Fasshauer, who staged the piece, closely followed the precise arrangement of legendary choreographer Marius Petipa.

One of the crowd favorites was “Spiritual Suite,” a modern, uplifting piece choreographed by UA’s Director of Dance, Cornelius Carter. Carter’s ensemble included four men and five women whose athleticism and energy lit up the stage. Dancer, Ryan Arnold, was precise in his delivery of the quick and intense choreography, meanwhile expressing the emotion and passion that made the piece so exceptional.

Carter’s other piece, “Ladies Sing the Blues” featured soulful ballads by female vocalists Dinah Washington, Etta James and Nancy Wilson. The six soloists danced through the strong voices and captivated the audience with their powerful presence. Lindsay Sockler brought a quality of “old Hollywood” to her solo with her delicate expressions and sensual movements.

After intermission, faculty member Sarah Barry presented the audience with an intriguing piece called “One Last Look Around.” The dancers’ experimented with hinging, swinging movements. Also, Barry’s choreography incorporated an interesting syncopation with the music’s bells and whistles, creating an Indian, tribal mood.

Another piece that captured the spirit of ARDT’s originality was John Virciglio’s “Fun for Me.” This piece was a production of spicy visuals and stimulating movement. Virciglio’s dancers portrayed doll-like characters with outrageous hair and elaborate makeup. The lighting and stage direction created the image of dolls coming to life in the night.

Overall, the ARDT Fall Concert was enjoyable and inspiring. Each choreographer seemed to utilize the talents of the dancers in the company. There is an impressive range of originality and imagination within the UA Dance Department. Performances continue Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and Friday at 5:30 p.m. in Morgan Auditorium.

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