Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Building Construction Program

The Master of Building Construction (MBC) program at Auburn University will be making a presentation at the University of Alabama on November 15th. The presentation will take place in room 379 of Bidgood Hall at 5:30 PM. Faculty from the program will speak about the construction industry and opportunities in the Master's program in construction at Auburn University.

Brett Richardson and Jeffrey Brewer were students at Alabama before entering the MBC program at Auburn University. Mr. Brewer has a B.S in Environmental Science from UA and commented about the program "... this program has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in a very competitive industry". Mr. Brewer currently works for the Daniel Corporation in Birmingham. Mr. Richardson is currently a student in the MBC program at Auburn.

In the past two years 90% of the students in the program came from a background other than construction. Students with an undergraduate degree in another discipline such as business or liberal arts and trying to enter the construction industry have found the program to be a perfect fit. Career change students can complete the program in four to five consecutive semesters and enter the construction industry. Admission is competitively judged based on the undergraduate grade point average, test scores on the graduate record exam, letters of recommendation and the candidates' statement of purpose for applying to the program. Upon admission candidates are once again competitively chosen for 'Graduate Assistantships'. A graduate assistant does not pay tuition at Auburn University and is required to assist an instructor in his/her teaching and research agenda. A competitive stipend is also provided for graduate assistants.

Anoop Sattineni
Auburn University

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