Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elliot Yamin, Josh Hoge, and The Last Goodnight reviewed by Melanie Armistead

Workplay Theater delivered a rocking, yet soulful concert featuring Josh Hoge, The Last Goodnight, and American Idol star Elliot Yamin on October 24th. Josh Hoge was the opening act for the evening, and he quickly won over the audience with his charismatic and interactive personality. Add his sensual and dynamic voice and he rocked the crowd like a pro. One of the favorite songs of the night (especially popular with the ladies) was “Try”, a piece he wrote for his girlfriend describing their relationship when he spends time on the road. Josh has a great vocal range and strong voice, which sounded smooth both with the help of the microphone and without. Following Josh, the rockers from Connecticut, also known as “The Last Goodnight”, took the stage and added even more energy to the venue. The group did a unique job of incorporating a blues tempo in their rock songs, which included “Return to Me” and their latest hit, “Pictures of You”. The group members had no problems interacting with the audience, sitting down on stage, and making the crowd feel part of the music. After two great performances, the most anticipated act of the night was Elliot Yamin. The star who got his start on American Idol was the biggest crowd pleaser of the evening. Audience members of all ages sang along to every song, which included, “Wait”, the song that has been taking over the airwaves since its debut in March.

A diverse group of fans gathered at Workplay for the concert, and all joined in singing and dancing to the music. The venue is a popular one in Alabama, with its modern and chic architecture. You can make your experience at Workplay an intimate one by sitting at the tables and booths, or you can squeeze in the pit in front of the stage and dance while trying to hi-five the artists. The upper level provides a nice overview of the stage, while the lower level has options for sitting or dancing in front of the performers. Get there early, though; when the seats fill up, it is awkward to stand and watch the show if you do not want to be part of the younger fans in the dance area. While the concert was well-attended, it was almost too crowded for the location. Although a few hundred people made the night somewhat uncomfortable for those who had to stand, it still provided for a festive atmosphere. It was easy to see why Workplay Theater is growing in popularity. Overall, the concert was a success, and one can expect great things from all the performers who showed Birmingham some rock with plenty of soul.

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