Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yo 90.7 PEEPS!

The party is next THURSDAY at 8:15 PM (NOT Tuesday) at the Mellow Mushroom mezzanine (within the restaurant - not the upstairs bar). We want to see EVERYONE who is involved with the station there.

Free beverages. If anyone wants to come and help us get things going, contact me.

And for the DJ CHOICE AWARDS - the shows are listed below. Choose your favorite that you listen to and enjoy, and sent it to me. Be SERIOUS. If I left anyone out, let me know - and I apologize. NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF! I MEAN IT!

The Risk Radio Show – Wes Day
The Goat Show - Adam "The Goat" Gowhari
Crimson Conversations - Corbin Martin
Jet Lag - Michael Bonnal
The Late Lunch – Steve Donaldson
The Jake and Yahweh Show – Yahweh Andrews, Jake Gordon
The Local Show - Paul Hanninen
Cougar Wile's Something Borrowed, Something Blues - Andrew Cook
Kitty Mow Mow’s Animal Expo – Martha Jean Schindler
The Jake and Steve Show – Jake Bennett, Stephe Cummings
The Gospel Flava - Anthony Floyd
Forgiven and Free - Thomas Garner
Rock and Roll Tide – Jenny Smith
Reeling - Ben Flanagan
The Country Show – Josh Mallory
The Big Chill – Maryella Matthews
Space One – Nadeem Akbar
Rock ‘N’ Jock – Ben Foster, Dave Adams, Daniel Furlong
Old and New Rockabilly Revue – Andrew Cook
Midnight Snack - Reed Watson
Esoteria - Jamison
My Evil Plan to Save the World - Jesse O'Reilly
The Lounge – Jermaine Pope
The Wide World of Hip Hop - Corey Dumas
Wakin' Up Hard with Celesta - Celesta Riner
Meditations of Jah - Tom Keenan
The Metal Zone - Dave "The Metal Guy" Standifer
The Kraut Power Double Hour - Tim Neunzig
Midday at Moody – Mika Carpenter
Left of the Dial – Reid McCreary
Indie Annex w/ Hans - Jason Lange
The Temptation Session - Corey Dumas
Guerilla Radio – Maryella Matthews
Deck Shatster’s Beach Party – Zach Travis
Coach’s Corner – Trey Brooks,
The Student Section – Will Berry, Hannah Harrison, Jacob Cohen
Capstone Nurses – Tim Neunzig
Hot Buttered Soul - Erick Forsythe

Ben Flanagan
Program Director
90.7 The Capstone WVUA-FM

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