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Asthmatic Kitty Newsletter!


0. Introduction
1. The Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange! Xmas Stream!
2. Chris Schlarb Quadraphonic Listening Events
3. Last chance to catch My Brightest Diamond's Workhorse Live
4. New hoody colors!
5. Castanets on tour


It's nearly Christmas time! That means it's cold (good thing we have hoodies!) but it's also time to start humming the Xmas tunes. Sufjan will help you with that one - or maybe you can help him!

The end of the year also means it's the last time anyone can catch My Brightest Diamond tour from her Bring Me the Workhorse album.

Castanets have decided to escape the cold by...escaping to Europe? Ok.

And finally our newest roster addition, Chris Schlarb, has set up some Quadraphonic Listening Events in cities across the US. These are free and all-ages, and will feature at least one of the 50 or so collaborators on his debut album, Twilight & Ghost Stories.

Read for more!


It's Christmas time again! That means tightly bundled scarves, lively debates on the merits of real/plastic trees, a litany of Christmas television specials, and finding the perfect retro Christmas wrapping paper.

And gifts of course! Who could forget the gifts!

That's why Sufjan Stevens is busy working on a very special gift right now, for a very special person. And in the spirit of Christmas, that person will give Sufjan a similarly special gift.

Here's how it works: write an original Christmas song, record it, and email the song to us. Asthmatic Kitty will pick a winner, and that person will trade rights to their song for rights to a new Sufjan Christmas song.

Just like a gift exhange, Sufjan's new song becomes your song. You can hoard it for yourself, sell it to a major soft drink corporation, use it in your daughter's first Christmas video, or share it for free on your website. No one except Sufjan and you will hear his song, unless you decide otherwise. You get the song and all legal rights to it. We get the same rights to your song.

Contest begins November 9th, and all submissions must be in by midnight December 1st. We will contact and announce the winner on or around December 15th.

We are also placing Sufjan's 5-album Christmas set online for free until December 25th!

Go here for more details, and to listen to the full Sufjan Christmas album for free:


Our newest addition to the Asthmatic Kitty roster has been busy, even though his album doesn't release until December 4th. Pitchfork Media got their hands on a copy of Twilight and Ghost Stories, and reviewer Joe Tangari said this: "Twilight is a unique and remarkably universal record, and one that offsets its projected loneliness with a great sense of warmth. Indeed, it's perfect for listening to in the very circumstances that birthed the concept, when you're alone with the weather, wondering what to do."

We certainly don't want anyone going Schlarb-less, so we've gone ahead and started taking preorders for Twilight on the album's page below. It's $10 plus shipping, and we'll ship it around December 4.

You can catch the album at a variety of quadraphonic listening events that Chris has organized...see the bottom of this email for dates and locations. These events will feature the album in its entirety in quadraphonic stereo and in some cases performances by one or more of the 50ish collaborators Chris worked with on Twilight.

Twilight and Ghost Stories:


My Brightest Diamond's debut album, Bring Me the Workhorse, has seen a lot of land in its day. Frontwoman Shara Worden has toured near and far with the album, but all good things must come to an end.

And so, Workhorse embarks once more with a few more shows alongside Tim Fite for a brief spin around the Midwest, Canada, and New England. Then MBD will play a few bits with Sufjan Stevens in Sydney, Australia and that will be end of touring with the Workhorse. Into the studios with Shara for a new widely anticipated album! Catch this show while you can before it returns to the hills for a well-earned respite!

Tour dates at the bottom of this email.

Tom Fite:


Brrr! It's getting cold. Good thing we have hoodies in stock!

We're so honored that you loved our Laura Park designed hoodies, that we added a new color! We now have a brown pullover, a brown zip-up, and an army zip-up. We also recruited a few friends to show them off for us!

If you have any pictures of yourself wearing Asthmatic Kitty apparel, post it on Flickr and tag it with "asthmaticapparel" (without the quotes). We'd love to see our shirts in active duty!

Brown Pullover ($32):

Army Zipper ($33):

Brown Zipper ($33):

5------CASTANETS TOUR!-------

In their Illegal Leak of the Week column, Seattle's weekly paper The Stranger called Castanets' frontman Ray Raposa a great American songwriter. BBC wrote, "Raymond Raposa, the ex-surfer behind the ever-shifting line-up, sounds like Neil Young after spending a few nights on a park bench, his decayed folky croak the perfect thread to link these hushed laments."

The album in discussion is In the Vines, now available for purchase in our shop for just $10 (+SH). Link below.

Or, you can buy it from Ray himself by catching the Castanets on tour. Castanets will be touring in the UK with Dirty Projectors, then in Spain, and finally over the rest of Europe with Scout Niblett. See dates below.

In the Vines:

6------TOUR DATES------

2007-11-09 Friday: Annandale-on-Hudson, NY - Bard College (w/Deer Tick)
2007-11-10 Saturday: Ithaca, NY - Big Red Barn (w/Deer Tick and Maurice Chammah)
2007-11-11 Sunday: Lancaster, PA - The Sugar Tank (w/Deer Tick)
2007-11-23 Friday: Manchester - UK - MohoLive (w/ Dirty Projectors)
2007-11-24 Saturday: Glasgow - UK - Nice n sleazy (w/Dirty Projectors)
2007-11-25 Sunday: Liverpool - UK - Stanley Theatre (w/Dirty Projectors)
2007-11-26 Monday: Brighton - UK - The Hope (w/Dirty Projectors)
2007-11-27 Tuesday: Brixton - UK - Windmill
2007-11-28 Wednesday: London - UK - Bush Hall
2007-12-02 Sunday: Madrid - Spain - Cafe la Palma
2007-12-04 Tuesday: Barcelona - Spain - Primavera Club
2007-12-05 Wednesday: Tarragona - Spain - Loop
2007-12-06 Thursday: Zaragoza - Spain - La lata de bombillas
08/12/07 : Sticky Fingers - Gothenburg (S) (w/ Scout Niblett)
09/12/07 : Debaser - Stockholm (S) (w/ Scout Niblett)
10/12/07 : übel & Gefärhrlich - Hamburg (D) (w/ Scout Niblett)
12/12/07 : Gebäude 9 - Köln (D) (w/ Scout Niblett)
13/12/07 : Botanique - Brussel (B) (w/ Scout Niblett)
14/12/07 : De Nieuwe Anita - Amsterdam (NL) (w/ Scout Niblett)
16/12/07 : Ekko - Utrecht (NL) (w/ Scout Niblett)
17/12/07 : Nouveau Casino - Paris (F) (w/ Scout Niblett)

Chris Schlarb
2007-12-07 Friday: Indianapolis, IN - Harrison Center for the Arts (Listening Event w/ Michael Kaufmann)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Long Beach, CA - OPEN books music art (Listening Event w/ Languis)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Brooklyn, NY - Monkey Town (Listening Event w/ Inlets )
2007-12-08 Saturday: Austin, TX - End of an Ear (Listening Event w/ The Weird Weeds)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Chicago, IL - 3036 N Lincoln Ave (Listening Event w/ thearmorclass)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Bogart, GA - Next to Last Festival (Live Performance w/ Liz Janes)

2007-11-09 Friday: Santa Barbara, CA - Muddy Waters Cafe (w/Saturday Looks Good to Me)
2007-11-10 Saturday: Los Angeles, CA - The Echo (w/Saturday Looks Good to Me)
2007-11-23 Friday: San Francisco, CA - The Hemlock (w/ White Magic)

My Brightest Diamond
2007-11-08 Thursday: Montreal - Canada - La Sala Rossa (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-09 Friday: Toronto - Canada - The Drake (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-10 Saturday: Grand Rapids, MI - Ladies Literary Club (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-11 Sunday: Chicago, IL - Lakeshore Theater (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-12 Monday: Louisville, KY - The 930 Listening Room (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-13 Tuesday: Columbus, OH - Wexner Center (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-14 Wednesday: Pittsburgh, PA - Andy Warhol Museum (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-15 Thursday: Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-16 Friday: Arlington, VA - Iota (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-17 Saturday: New York City, NY - Blender Theater at Gramercy (w/MBD String Quartet and Tim Fite)
2007-11-18 Sunday: Boston, MA - Museum of Fine Arts (w/Tim Fite)
2007-11-19 Monday: Hamden, CT - The Space
2008-01-12 Saturday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-13 Sunday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-14 Monday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-21 Monday: Osaka - Japan - CLUB QUATTRO (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-22 Tuesday: Tokyo - Japan - CLUB QUATTRO (w/Sufjan Stevens)

Sufjan Stevens
2008-01-10 Thursday: Brisbane - Australia - The Tivoli
2008-01-12 Saturday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/My Brightest Diamond at Sydney Fest)
2008-01-13 Sunday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/My Brightest Diamond at Sydney Fest)
2008-01-14 Monday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/My Brightest Diamond at Sydney Fest)
2008-01-16 Wednesday: Melbourne - Australia - Forum Theater
2008-01-21 Monday: Osaka - Japan - Club Quattro (w/My Brightest Diamond)
2008-01-22 Tuesday: Tokyo - Japan - CLUB QUATTRO (w/My Brightest Diamond)

Thanks for reading! Be seeing you!

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