Saturday, November 17, 2007

News from 90.7 The Capstone's Manager, Tim Neunzig


Greetings ALL! Two BIG News:

1. New Sales Director TEAM! Congratulations Joe Pritchard and Jason Lange who will step up to coordinate our sales department. Joe Makach, News Assistant, will most likely replace Joe Pritchard in the New Deapartment, Joe P. will help out with the transition.
- Sales TEAM will start work after thanksgiving.

2. BENEFIT was more than a success $$$$$$$$$$$2700 OMG! THANK YOU ALL WHO CAME AND HELPED OUT AND WORKED DILLIGENTLY. This would not have been possible without you.

Video of THANKS!!!

Back to me again: Our benefit concert, Autumnber Fest 2007, was fantastic this year. On behalf of the station, I want to thank Baak Gwai, The Ackleys, The Necronomikids, Skullduggery, Mellow Mushroom, and everyone who came out last night. All the money will go toward improvements at the station (we're a nonprofit org, so we're always pretty poor and in need of improvements). I also want to especially thank everyone in my Promotions Staff, because without you guys, I would have had a nervous breakdown. :)

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