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Asthmatic Kitty Newsletter 11/30/07


0. Introduction
1. Chris Schlarb Quadraphones, Vibrates, and Next to Lasts.
2. Asthmatic Kitty Plus Microcinema = Film Goodness
3. Sufjan XMAS: Free advent calendar; contest ends!
4. Indie Blockedappella
5. Tour Dates

Happy holidays! We hope your December days are filled with visions of new-fallen snow (actual or televised), warm eggnog with nutmeg, multi-colored lights, vacuum cleaners full of pine needles, and special moments with friends and family.

A few things on the radar. Chris Schlarb's album comes out next Tuesday, and he's been busy so we'll talk about that a bit. We've struck a deal with the well-reputed Microcinema that should be a lot of fun for everyone. And finally, we're giving away something free with Sufjan's boxset! Keep reading . . .

1------THE SCHLARB FRONT ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chris Schlarb's Twilight and Ghost Stories should appear in your local record store next Tuesday, and is already available for preorder and full streaming preview on our site. But even though the nearly 50-collaborator composition is in the can and out the door, Chris hasn't slowed down.

In a testament to the vast net that Chris cast to create Twilight, collaborators from across the U.S on the album will be appearing in their corresponding cities to perform and present a specially crafted quadraphonic version of Twilight. Cities include Long Beach, Indianapolis, Brooklyn, Austin, and Chicago. Chris will also perform himself, along with Liz Janes, at Next to Last Fest in Athens, Georgia on December 8th and 9th.

Finally, Chris has taken section IV of his composition and untangled all the contributions from artists like Sandy Ewen and Aaron Russell of The Weird Weeds (as the Macaroni Band), Dave Longstreth (of Dirty Projectors fame), avant reedmen Lynn Johnston and Bhob Rainey, Patagonian, uber-bassist Orlando Greenhill, Languis, Sebastian Krueger (of Inlets). He's set them free into WAV or GarageBand format for the Internet-at-large to rearrange and remix. That means you! Go here and give it a shot.

Twilight and Ghost Stories ($10) and Preview:

Next to Last Fest:

Twilight and Ghost Stories Variations:

2------US PLUS MICROCINEMA------------------------------------------------------------------------
We met in Houston, Texas for a collaborative all-day, all-ages, all-free, all-good five-band gig called Unusual Animals. But that short rendezvous was not enough for either Microcinema and ourselves, so after a few carefully written telegrams and telephone calls, we are getting together again to collectively present Independent Exposure 2008.

Since its inception in 1996, Independent Exposure has been a curatorial effort designed to bring the newest and most innovative short films to an untapped, broader audience by using non-traditional venues. These showcases are exhibited in non-traditional venues or "microcinemas" such as galleries, cafes, bars, nightclubs, outdoors, and other alternative spaces that support the independent arts. To date, Independent Exposure has been presented hundreds of times in 44 countries plus Palestine and Antarctica and at base camp on Mt. Everest.

We are calling for entries. What kind? We are considering short video, film and digital-media submissions of 15 minutes or less and are seeking narrative, artistic, humorous, dramatic, animation, documentary, experimental, alternative, avant-garde, ambient, music videos, and underground works of all genres, formats, and styles. Deadline is February 29, 2008. Prizes include a Panasonic HD camera, and an Asthmatic Kitty catalog package.

Independent Exposure 2008:

3------A VERY SUFJAN XMAS------------------------------------------------------------------------
Along with illustrator Tom Eaton (who animated Sufjan Stevens' "Put the Lights on the Tree" video), we thought it might be nice to celebrate this year with a very special Asthmatic Kitty advent calendar. And Tom Eaton really came through on this one, detailing the scene with all kinds of nice Christmas surprises. Just don't open them early!

At work without your CDs? Listen to the whole 5-CD set online for free, courtesy of our webhost ServInt Internet Services. See below for web address.

And don't forget that the Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange ends midnight, December 1st. You know the deal: write an original Christmas song. Sufjan is doing the same right now. We'll pick a winner from the entries, and you and Sufjan swap songs - and not just songs, but rights to use the song. See details on the contest page, and hurry and get those entries in!

Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas ($19 + free Advent Calendar):

Full stream, and contest page:

4------IINDIE BLOCKEDAPPELLA------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thanks to the intrepid efforts of a certain Indie Blockedappella (aka Nathan Smart and Zachariah Durr, aka the Cyber-travelling Bards of the Indie Internet), Asthmatic Kitty can scratch off another checkpoint on its way to inner planets domination: acappela versions of each of its artists. From the duuuahhhhhs to baarroooonnnggs, Indie Blockedappella has somehow captured the soul and essence of these songs and distilled them to their vocal fundamentals. We fully approve of the content of this message.

To hear this fabulous reinterpretation of our music, go to our website and click on akradio. Then, lean back and enjoy. You might even try singing along.

Our website:

Indie Blockedappella:

5------TOUR DATES------------------------------------------------------------------------

2007-12-02 Sunday: Madrid - Spain - Cafe la Palma
2007-12-04 Tuesday: Barcelona - Spain - Primavera Club
2007-12-05 Wednesday: Tarragona - Spain - Loop
2007-12-06 Thursday: Zaragoza - Spain - La lata de bombillas
2007-12-08 Saturday: Gothenburg - Sweden - Sticky Fingers (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-09 Sunday: Stockholm - Sweden - Debaser (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-10 Monday: Hamburg - Germany - übel & Gefärhrlich (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-12 Wednesday: Köln - Germany - Gebäude 9 (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-13 Thursday: Brussel - Belgium - Botanique (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-14 Friday: Amsterdam - Netherlands - De Nieuwe Anita (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-16 Sunday: Utrecht - Netherlands - Ekko (w/ Scout Niblett)
2007-12-17 Monday: Paris - France - Nouveau Casino (w/ Scout Niblett)

Chris Schlarb
2007-12-07 Friday: Indianapolis, IN - Harrison Center for the Arts (Listening Event w/ Michael Kaufmann)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Long Beach, CA - OPEN books music art (Listening Event w/ Languis)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Brooklyn, NY - Monkey Town (Listening Event w/ Inlets )
2007-12-08 Saturday: Austin, TX - End of an Ear (Listening Event w/ The Weird Weeds)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Chicago, IL - 3036 N Lincoln Ave (Listening Event w/ thearmorclass)
2007-12-08 Saturday: Bogart, GA - Next to Last Festival (Live Performance)

Liz Janes
2007-12-08 Saturday: Athens, GA - Next to Last Fest

My Brightest Diamond
2008-01-12 Saturday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-13 Sunday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-14 Monday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-21 Monday: Osaka - Japan - CLUB QUATTRO (w/Sufjan Stevens)
2008-01-22 Tuesday: Tokyo - Japan - CLUB QUATTRO (w/Sufjan Stevens)

Sufjan Stevens
2008-01-10 Thursday: Brisbane - Australia - The Tivoli
2008-01-12 Saturday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/My Brightest Diamond at Sydney Fest)
2008-01-13 Sunday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/My Brightest Diamond at Sydney Fest)
2008-01-14 Monday: Sydney - Australia - State Theatre (w/My Brightest Diamond at Sydney Fest)
2008-01-16 Wednesday: Melbourne - Australia - Forum Theater ((Tickets go on sale through Ticketek, 132849, on Nov 16th))
2008-01-17 Thursday: Melbourne - Australia - Forum Theater
2008-01-21 Monday: Osaka - Japan - Club Quattro (w/My Brightest Diamond)
2008-01-22 Tuesday: Tokyo - Japan - CLUB QUATTRO (w/My Brightest Diamond)

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