Wednesday, December 5, 2007


DJs and Staff,

Here be another announcement of our SUPER SPECTACULAR 90.7 HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZER at the Mellow Mushroom (mezzanine, in the restaurant) on THURSDAY (tomorrow) at 8:15 PM. Please come - we want you there. Free beverages. If you wish to participate in the Secret Santa exchange, you MUST bring a gift costing roughly $5-10. If you wish to sport sweaters and turtlenecks, that's all fine and dandy. AGAIN, we hope to see you there. It will be fun.


You ARE expected to fill your shifts this week and next week. Only exception is if you have an exam that conflicts with your shift directly. If your exam is scheduled during the slot and you finish an hour before you're supposed to come in - do please still show up.

Thanks again, peeps.


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