Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NEWSLETTER: Andy Zipf: Pfriends on Pfilm Coming to Tuscaloosa on January 22nd

You don't know me, but I want you to believe in Andy Zipf. You don't have to befriend him on Myspace, vote for him on MTV, or buy his album on iTunes just listen to him. It just takes a click, Zipf will let you listen, , and then download, , all without charging a dime.

"I believe that music isn't something that's meant to be encapsulated, homogenized and programmed into a commercially viable product," said Zipf. "Music transcends commercialism and is meant to be experienced live."

It would be easy to throw Zipf into the category of "performing singer/songwriter," but somehow that seems to understate the sound of the ballad belting sardonic singer from D.C. Never content with the traditional musical marketing formula, Zipf has continually sought ways to reach his audience and provide a different type of experience and on Jan. 22nd at 8:00 p.m, Zipf will be bringing the fruits of his most ambitious vision, the Pfriends on Pfilm Tour (Zipf, get it?) to Pour Cafe in Tuscaloosa.

With the help of a few friends, Zipf's created a 45 minute live concert experience that's a little different than most shoe gazing troubadours. Still images and old film fuse with live video shot during the concert are thematically projected onto a screen, while Zipf and his band providing a live soundtrack. Basically, think Sigur Ros meets Damien Rice and the Velvet Underground. You could also just watch this,

It's not like Zipf's talent has never been recognized. He's toured across the nation, played SXSW, opened for numerous well respected bands, and been featured in PASTE, He's just never had that breakthrough taking him from clubs to arenas. Pfriends on Pfilm may not bring that widespread recognition, but that won't hold Zipf back at all.

"Pfriends on Pfilm will help to tell my story in a visually stimulating way, and enhance the musical experience for my audience," said Zipf. "I want to make this a unique show for each person that sees it, every night. It's going to be epic, or I'll go home."

Not many artists would attempt to independently take this type of sensory extravaganza on the road, but not many artists would try to pay for album production costs through the donations of fans. Zipf raised $45,000 to do just that in 2006, and in 2008, he'll try to make believers out of Tuscaloosa with Pfriends on Pfilm.

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