Monday, December 17, 2007

UA MIS department congratulates Computer Science mentors

To all MIS Faculty and Students:

Computer Science Mentoring is an MIS student-run program that provides assistance and resources to students in CS 114, 124, and 325 classes each semester. MIS students volunteer as mentors to instruct and guide current students in the fundamentals of these classes.

Mentoring sessions for a particular class are held twice a week for an hour each day.

Better programs, solid leaders, skilled problem-solvers, focused communicators and higher retention rates are created through the mentoring program each semester making it an important aspect of the professional and education careers of all involved students.

Not only are mentors giving back to their fellow students, but they are also perfecting their own computer science skills and learning valuable traits such as giving clear instructions, managing time and people, working with others, and improving interpersonal communication.

This email is meant to inform the MIS faculty and the student body of the CS mentors who have been active within the mentoring program throughout the Fall 2007 Semester.

The following students have been involved in the mentoring program this semester (* indicates strongly active mentors):

Adam Mitchell
Ashley Allen*
BJ Crump*
Blake Newman*
Brandon Cooly
Brennan Wheeler*
Brian Gregson
Charlie Williams*
Chris Osberry*
Cody Clark
Colby Crump
Corey Johnson
Cory Hayes
Ely Jones
Fiona Nguyen
Frank Burford
Geno Dykes
Ibrahim Alumairi*
Jason Benton*
Jeremy Threatt
JJ Foust
Jodi Handley*
Jonathan Houston
Jonathan Mooney*
Justin Graham*
Kimberlee Johnson
Louis Poskey
Lyndsey Tribble
Michael Jones
Ricky Webb
Robby Sanford*
Ryan Shaddix
Sam Baker*
Sonya Fowler*
Stephen Brooks
Wesley Eldridge*
Daniel Babin

Additionally, I would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding effort towards the mentoring program:

Robby Sanford
Wesley Eldridge
Jodi Handley
BJ Crump
Jason Benton
Sam Baker
Brennan Wheeler
Ibrahim Alumairi
Sonya Fowler
Blake Newman

If you have been active in the mentoring program but do not see your name on this list, please let me know. Additionally, if you would like to become a mentor for the Spring 08 semester, please contact me at

Thank you,

Reid McCreary
CS Mentoring Program Coordinator
Enterprise Integration Lab, Staff

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