Friday, March 7, 2008


( Tuscaloosa ) Acoustic Night at the Bama Theatre
will feature alternative/folk singer Melissa Greener
from Austin , TX and Blaine Duncan from Tuscaloosa on
Wednesday, March 12, 2008. The performance will take
place at the Bama Theatre’s Greensboro Room, 600
Greensboro Avenue , in downtown Tuscaloosa , and will
begin at 9:30 p.m. Doors open at 9pm with a $3 cover
charge. Acoustic Night features new and upcoming
artists from around the country throughout the
calendar year with a full-service bar always
available. For more information call 205-758-5195, x5
or go to

Greener Bio: A resident of Austin , TX , Melissa
Greener both sings and writes her own material. She
is a native of Detroit , her mother a classically
trained operatic vocalist, and her father - as she
describes - a hippie. After leaving Detroit , she
lived in various places around the world - Europe,
Middle East, Far East, and Canada , before locating in
Austin . An avid trekker, she has climbed in the
Swiss Alps, Slovakia , Sinai, and Tibet . Greener was
a writer from a very early age, first journaling, then
poetry, songwriting, and finally MySpace “ramblings.”
Touring all over the country, she plays "listening
rooms,” house concerts, festivals, bars, clubs,
theatres, sidewalks, parking lots, and subways -
singing truths she has come to believe in – and
stretching some, only in the name of art. Greener has
recently released her second album, titled Fall from
the Sky.

"Melissa has the package. Lovely melodies, a beautiful
voice and a
stunning stage presence. But, what tops the cake are
her excellent
guitar skills. She creates memorable arrangements
that definitely
rise above the crowd." - Roger Allan, KGSR, Austin ,

“The soul of a poet, the rhythm of a rocker!”
- Michael Terry, Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, Dallas ,

Duncan Bio: Getting his start on the
singer-songwriter scene in Tuscaloosa , Blaine Duncan
maintains the plain-spoken roots of his origins,
although most of his shows are blasted full throttle
with the backing of a forceful and talented rock band,
the Lookers.

Quickly becoming a crowd favorite for his quirky songs
and random banter, Duncan creates an interesting mix:
a fusion of heartfelt lyrics, driving rock, and
tongue-in-cheek regionalism that manages to also shine
a light on universal themes found in lives of the
common man and woman at any given show.

It is the live show that has garnered Blaine and the
Lookers a following, with each one creating a sense of
energy and urgency not normally found in
singer-songwriter based acts. It is incredible fun.

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