Monday, February 25, 2008

Is this a Joke?

Dear UA Radio,

We are a coalition of students and citizens who have come together in order to empower the homeless within the Tuscaloosa community. With violent crime on the rise, our homeless citizens are now more vulnerable than ever. The solution, in our opinion, is to provide these citizens with weapons, ammunition, and firearm safety training. Applicants are subject to a rigorous screening process, mental evaluation, and will be asked to comply with all local, state, and federal gun laws.

Active community support and involvement is imperative in order for our plan to be properly executed. We ask that students and citizens donate any old or unused weapons including guns, ammunition, crossbows, arrows, pepper-spray, knives, swords, nonlethal weapons, and targets. So far, we have gathered over one hundred weapons with several thousand of rounds of ammunition. Unfortunately, many of our homeless citizens are still in desperate need of protection. We are also seeking highly trained professionals willing to offer their services in the form of training programs to teach the candidates how to properly operate their weapons.

We invite all who would like to help with this initiative to empower the homeless and thus aid the betterment of the greater Tuscaloosa community. An open forum will be held on the steps of Reese Phiefer Tuesday March 4th at 4:45p.m. Topics will include how to properly disperse the weapons we have and ways to attain more. If you would like to help please email

Together we have the power to eliminate violent crime in Tuscaloosa.


Dennis J. Riley, Director

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