Thursday, February 14, 2008

Legacy Newsletter 2.14.08


This week Legacy is all about The Gloved One, as Thriller 25 FINALLY made its way to stores. Don’t think that this is the end of the cool MJ-related stuff, though. Quite the contrary, stay tuned for more episodes of The Thrillercast, and other cool and crazy things to IM your friends during your work day, some of which will knock your socks off.


Its February 14th, the day happy couples buy each other things to share how much we value each other in the currency of chocolate and flowers, and the day that unhappy single folks gather together to watch movies and complain about how holidays like this are all about getting couples to buy stuff but secretly wish they were in relationships. If you were unfortunate enough to forget February 14th, might we suggest you make it up to the music fan in your life by ordering them a special museum-quality print of their favorite artist via Icon Collectibles! There are legendary and rare photographs from artists as wide-ranging as Billie Holiday, Sly Stone, Miles Davis and Glenn Gould. Check out the wide variety of beautiful prints at


Five-time Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum Sony BMG recording artist Celine Dion stars in a one-hour primetime special, CELINE DION: THAT'S JUST THE WOMAN IN ME this Friday on CBS. This pop music superstar returns to CBS with her first concert since completing her five year musical extravaganza in Las Vegas. She also performs two special duets with Grammy award nominee Josh Groban and Grammy award winner

Check out Celine's A NEW DAY HAS COME ecard!


Classic CoverNo, its not another Day of the Dead sequel, its the return of Michael Jackson’s legendary album, still the worlds biggest selling album of all time!

Thriller is available now as a two-disc CD + DVD edition in your choice of covers (the original with Michael in his white suit or an alternate cover of Michael in full zombie garb). The new CD features the original tracks digitally remastered, as well as newly recorded collaborations with Will.I.Am, Akon and Fergie as well as a new remix of "Billie Jean" from Kanye West and "For All Time," a previously unreleased Michael Jackson ballad from the original Thriller recording sessions. The bonus DVD features new digitally enhanced versions of the short films for "Beat It," "Billie Jean," and "Thriller". It also features Michael's legendary performance on Motown 25, when the world saw the moonwalk for the first time.

You can now order the album directly from Amazon, iTunes and all major retailers, by going to


The Thrillercast is upon us! Go to iTunes, Zune, or your favorite podcast reader to listen to the first episode, featuring DMC of Run-DMC fame.

Legacy Recordings is proud to present Thrillercast, a 40-episode Podcast series that will feature icons of music and screen,including hip-hop legend DMC, current superstars Nick Cannon,, Akon, choreographers Shane Sparks and Mia Michaels from the hit show "So You Think You Can Dance", turntablist DJ Spooky as well as many more special guests. Each guest sat down with us to discuss their experiences with Thriller, the various singles and videos, and its influence on them, both personally and professionally.

The podcasts are completely free of charge. They will be available on all podcast providers as well as directly via The series will be updated with a new episode each week throughout the year.

Until next time.

-The Legacy Staff

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