Friday, February 22, 2008

NEW! Honors College Scholarship Competition

We are pleased to announce for the first time the EBSCO Industries Scholarship Program for Honors College students. The scholarships are $3000 annual, renewable awards offered to a maximum of five students in this selection cycle. Eligibility and Selection Criteria: To be eligible, a student must be a member in good standing in the University Honors Program, Computer-Based Honors Program, or International Honors Program. The next criterion for selection is financial need. We will verify applicants’ current receipt of scholarships from The University of Alabama. The criteria for selection after the establishment of financial need are a student’s GPA, involvement, achievement, effort (such as employment), and a short essay. Deadline: Completed applications must be postmarked to Adam Meyer, UA Honors College, Box 870169, Tuscaloosa AL 35487, or dropped off at 289 Nott Hall, by March 14, 2008. See attached form for complete information.

The application forms for the following scholarships are also attached:

The Yeilding Study Abroad Fellowships (IHP students; studying abroad in Summer 08, Fall 08, or Spring 09) Deadline March 1.
The McWane Study Abroad Fellowships (Honors College students; studying abroad in Summer 08, Fall 08, or Spring 09) Deadline April 3. Deadline March 7.
The McKiney Student Excellence Awards (Honors College students; sophomores or juniors; receiving little or no financial award funds or scholarships) Deadline April 3.
The McWane Research Fellowships (UHP students; engaging in research under faculty supervision in Summer 08, Fall 08, or Summer 09) Deadline April 7.

Also note that applications are being accepted for the Ron Robel Spirit of International Friendship Award. Juniors and seniors in the IHP may apply. Deadline March 14.

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