Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TVT Goes Under; Fall Out Boy's Comic Relief; Punk Legends 'Project' Themselves; Free No Kids MP3

TVT RECORDS TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY Long-running independent label TVT Records has reportedly... (more)
PUNK GREATS GO MENTAL WITH 'T4' Mental Records will put an end to rumors everywhere when they release T4... (more)
COBBLESTONE JAZZ HIT THE STREETS Canadian-based Cobblestone Jazz is set to make their US live debut with a short series... (more)
WORLD'S GREATEST MUSIC COLLECTION EBAYED The world's supposed "Greatest Music Collection," consisting... (more)
CUT COPY DANCES WITH BLACK KIDS Aussie neo-disco sensations Cut Copy are joining forces with kindred spirits Black Kids... (more)
FALL OUT BOY BECOME SUPERMEN They took their name from a superhero sidekick, and their music videos have featured... (more)

Come Into My House
Like an old black-and-white film where the credits roll at the beginning, No Kids bring a backward-looking pop nostalgia to their debut album. With instrumentation that could have them mistaken for a backwoods jug band as well as part-time polka patsies, these Kids manage to offset an off-kilter Elephant Six-y sound with steady metronome beats and soothing... (more)

DOWNLOAD "For Halloween"

"I'm kind of just standing there steering a boat, so I end up going crazy singing to myself and talking to myself in weird voices." (more)


WE ARE THE SEAHORSES | CAKE SHOP | FEBRUARY 16, 2008 Darren Mabee is perhaps most famous for being Man... (more)
ANTIETAM | SOUTHPAW | FEBRUARY 16, 2008 On Saturday in Park Slope, Antietam had a little help from friends to... (more)

THE XYZ AFFAIR | BOWERY BALLROOM | FEBRUARY 15, 2008 While their arena-ready power pop is often a bit much... (more)

With the Oscars set to take place this Sunday, which is your all-time favorite film soundtrack?

Garden State
Saturday Night Fever
Purple Rain
Krush Groove

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