Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The 'Gum Drop: Volume XXII

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Wednesday :: January 30, 2008

'Gum Drop Giveaway #22
Winter won't last forever. What better way to ease into Spring than with a pair of Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators and Wyclef Jean's new album? Two winners take home one of each. Enter now »

DeVotchKa - "Transliterator"

This week's Drop has a stringed, burlesque, Gypsy-cum-Colorado air courtesy of Little Miss Sunshine soundtrackers and Siouxsie coverers DeVotchka. Their rollicking, breezy "Transliterator" comes from the quartet's forthcoming ANTI- debut, A Mad and Faithful Telling. Helping us, uh, transliterate, vocalist Nick Urata, who also handles guitars, piano, trumpet, bouzoki, theremin, and we're guessing even more, stopped through and gave us the inside scoop.

What's the narrative behind the track? Is "Transliterator" a reference to a lack of communication?
"Transliterator" is the classic case of two lovers waltzing their way around the truth, which is right in the center of the room -- but it is the hardest place to get to. Throughout the song he (the narrator) is trying to make her see how bright the future is. He is trying to put the intangible -- the unspeakable beauty of life -- into words. And fails. He must alliterate that which can not be articulated and translate the truth buried in the language of the liar.

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Chew On This: highlights from the last week
The Simpsons Go Grunge, Neko Case Takes An Adult Swim »
Mining the '90s, Homer and family fly the flannel. Mining the indie-rock fantasies of thousands, an animated Neko Case plays a pillow-fighting Siren on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Can you guess which involves a John Kruk cameo?

New Gnarls Barkley - "Run" »
Best commenter tag team in recent memory: "I like this better... Does that make me crazy?" "No, you're not crazy. 'Crazy' is one of my least favorite tracks on St. Elsewhere. This new shit is pretty hot though." We agree somewhere in the middle.

Vampire Weekend Week »
That Blue CD-R's turning gold: On top of releasing their well-received official XL debut, Vampire Weekend did various NYC in-stores, went under SPIN's microscope, and emerged with smiles on their faces. Not bad for a bunch of Columbia grads.

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Robyn »
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Robyn- The Rakamonie EP out 1/29/08

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