Wednesday, January 16, 2008

National and International Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some exciting opportunities for volunteerism Nationally (Denver, Colorado) and Internationally (Xela, Guatemala) offered by the University of Alabama's Community Service Center. Students as well as Faculty/Staff are encouraged to apply.
While in Denver, Colorado, 10 students will be involved in activities that deal with the environment and homelessness. The trip is being coordinated by Joshua Burford, the Coordinator of Freshman Community Outreach can be reached at
In Xela, Guatemala, 10 students will engage in activities that deal with community development, education, agriculture, and women's issues. Students will also have the opportunity of receiving one credit hour through New College for those that are eligible. Kendall Smith, Coordinator for Alternative Spring Break will lead this group's experience and can be contacted at .

For more information, call the CSC at 205-348-2865.
Riverside Residents can also contact Riverside RA, Wilesha Taylor (RVR North 419)
***The ASB application can be picked up in the Community Service Center (CSC) in 231 Ferguson Center.***

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