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LUDO: You're Awful, I Love You
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January 11 , 2007

:: New Newsletter?::


The countdown is here. Our new album, You're Awful, I Love You will be available all over the damn place on February 26th. That's 45 days away. If you want to countdown, drop by our myspace page watch the clock! And you can add the countdown clock to your page too, all you have to do is click here grab the banner! We've also got a few new pictures up, so drop on by.

:: Release Shows? ::

How about February 28th @ The Metro in Chicago and March 2nd @ The Pageant in St. Louis (more news on those shows, and maybe even another release show to come!) Want to see what the album cover looks like? It's our MySpace profile picture RIGHT NOW and you can leave us a comment HERE.

In other news, right after we played "A Very Ludo Christmas" show at The Pageant on December 27th, we got right in the van and drove to WGN, a TV station in Chicago. Needless to say, we were a little tired, but we played some acoustic Ludo rock, and you can check out some clips HERE.

And speaking of the Christmas show, here are some AMAZING pictures HERE and HERE!

If you're in the NYC area and read the New York Post, you may have seen a little article on your favorite up-and-coming St. Louis rock band. If you missed it, check it out

You can also download "Love Me Dead" on there if you haven't already done so from our myspace or purevolume pages.

Also! Some of you are starting to hear "Love Me Dead" on the radio. Hopefully this will happen more and more. A handful of stations are playing the song already. If you hear it, please call the station and encourage them to play it more! We'll keep you posted on who is playing it near you.

Lots of tour dates up, so please check them out. And keep in touch! We're doing our best to respond to all our myspace messages / comments, and you can usually get us at

And Convy loves the AIM - FATCHANCES.



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