Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NEWSLETTER: Bears Newsletter #4

Hi! Welcome to our fourth newsletter. It's been almost half a year since we sent the last one, so we have a few nice updates for you...

As you may already know, we are about to release our first album on vinyl. Woo-hoo!! It's going to be on colored vinyl in a limited-edition of 300 copies. The artwork is a one-color screenprint version of the original art, and there is a full-color insert of band photos and lyrics. The official release date is January 29th, but we will most likely have them before that day. You can place a preorder now, and we will ship them out as soon as they are ready. We are also going to include a CD-r version of the album for those who don't already have the CD and want to listen to it somewhere besides their turntable. The LPs (including shipping cost) are $14 in the US and $19 internationally. We'd like to charge less, but these things were expensive to make, and they cost a lot to ship! You will be able to find them at local shops, and we will, of course, have them at shows.
>> Click here to place an order:


Our song "How To Live" (released on the above referenced LP!) is featured on the latest CD compilation available at all Urban Outfitters stores. It includes other bands you may already know, like Radiohead, Cat Power, The Weakerthans, Tegan & Sara, Joni Mitchell and a bunch more. It is probably still available in stores, so ask a sales clerk if you want a copy. They are free.


We had a nice feature in the November issue of SPIN Magazine in an article about the Cleveland music scene. Click the link below to check out the article...


We are planning a few more vinyl releases prior to releasing our next full-length album later this year. They are as follows:

1. Pink Teeth Records will be releasing the Shortest Day Of The Year EP on delicious 10" vinyl with one bonus track (a new bonus track, not on the cassette release from last year). We are also talking to Pink Teeth about doing another 7"/CD single in the first half of 2008, so stay tuned for more info soon!

2. Impose Records will be doing a 7" for our song "Who Knows," which has been a live favorite for a while, and it will include one new b-side. As the release gets closer, we will post info on our website.

3. We are currently working on writing and recording our next full-length album, which we plan to release some time this year. As things progress, we will post more information and some new demos. We think the new songs are going to be great!


Thanks so much for all of your support over the past year. We really appreciate hearing from all of you, and it makes us even more excited for the great things we're planning for 2008!


:: Vinyl LP Out January 29, 2008! ::
:: "Shortest Day Of The Year" EP out now ::

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