Friday, February 1, 2008

Billy Braggs On; KCRW Gets Played; Monotonix Tour On; Free Future Of The Left MP3

THE USED TO GET 'SHALLOW' Despite recently losing a founding member, releasing a new album, and playing both the Warped Tour and Taste Of Chaos,... (more)
MONOTONIX EXPLORE 'BODY LANGUAGE' After playing more than 250 shows last year split between Europe and the States, Israel's Monotonix may have logged enough... (more)
GOGOL BORDELLO TRAMPS THE STREETS Gogol Bordello has embraced a minimal, yet ample March stint in support of their most... (more)
FROM BILLY BRAGG, WITH 'LOVE' Legendary folk-punk, Billy Bragg, will be releasing his first album in six years, Mr. Love And Justice, arriving in stores... (more)
TILLY AND THE WALL 'BOTTOMS' OUT Nebraskan indie-pop five-piece Tilly And The Wall have announced a late winter tour with Team Love labelmates Capgun Coup. They'll... (more)
SHOOTING SPIRES TRIGGERS TOUR Parts And Labor frontman BJ Warshaw's solo project, Shooting Spires, which was recently augmented by three members, has plotted their... (more)
THE KINDNESS KIND WIN SONICBIDS The Kindness Kind are the winners of this week's CMJ Sonicbids Spotlight. Like most rock bands do, the Seattle-based quintet... (more)

Rising from the ashes of Mclusky like a jaded, hung-over phoenix, Future Of The Left share more than a few similarities with their dearly missed Welsh noise-punks progenitors. The chanted vocals, jittery rhythms and morbidly hilarious song titles that Mclusky were known for are all in place on Future Of The Left's debut album, Curses. (See, for example, titles such as "Fuck The Countryside Alliance" and "adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood.") But Future Of The Left aren't just cashing in on the newfound culty popularity of their... (more)

DOWNLOAD "adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood"

"There's something to be said about being in a privileged position to have access to something, and abusing that resonates to those around you." (more)


RYKODISC CELEBRATES WITH FREE DOWNLOADS Rykodisc, the first record label to release only CDs, is celebrating its 25-year anniversary by employing another new format: the... (more)
KCRW LAUNCHES NEW MEDIA PLAYER Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW has unleashed a custom-built media player for their listeners, one that they compare to... (more)
REDEYE INKS WARP, BELLA UNION Redeye Distribution has announced a deal with both Warp and Bella Union for exclusive distribution of their rosters in the... (more)

If Tom Petty were to have one of your favorite bands back him up at the Super Bowl, who would it be?

Wu-Tang Clan
Aphex Twin
Gogol Bordello
Cannibal Corpse
Tiny Masters Of Today

02.05.08 AIR TRAFFIC Fractured Life Astralwerks

ALICE SWEET ALICE Kikazaru Cauldron Soundwerx

BIGBANG Wild Bird [EP] Grand Sport

BILL DIXON WITH EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA Bill Dixon With Exploding Star Orchestra Thrill Jockey

BOB MOULD District Line Anti

ELECTRIC WIZARD Witchcult Today Candlelight

ERA VULGARIS What Stirs What Stirs Within Open Your Ears

HEAVEN SHALL BURN Iconoclast: Part One - The Final Resistance Century Media

HORRORPOPS Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Hellcat

HOT CHIP Made In The Dark DFA-Astralwerks

JASON COLLETT Here's To Being Here Arts And Crafts

KAMERA Resurrection Nettwerk

KELLEY STOLTZ Circular Sounds Sub Pop

LIFE LONG TRAGEDY Runaways Deathwish

LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION Falling Off The Lavender Bridge Domino

LOVED ONES Build And Burn Fat Wreck Chords

NADA SURF Lucky Barsuk

OCRILIM Annwn Hydrahead


OTIS TAYLOR Recapturing The Banjo Telarc

PRIDE TIGER Lucky Ones Caroline

SALT THE WOUND Carnal Repercussions Rotten

SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE Sea From Shore Thrill Jockey

SHORTSTACK The Covers [EP] Gypsy Eyes

STATE RADIO Year Of The Crow Nettwerk

VARIOUS ARTISTS Thrashing Like A Maniac Earache

YIP-YIP Two Kings Of The Same Kingdom S.A.F.

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