Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ludo Tours, Videos, Albums, and Countdowns!

LUDO: You're Awful, I Love You
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February 7 , 2008

::19 Days Away!!!::

You're Awful, I Love You hits stores Tuesday, February 26th - that's 19 days away! We've got a lot planned for the release week. On top of the release shows we'll be playing in Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis you can expect some in-store performances and a few radio visits as well. Look for all that info in the next few days. In the meantime, the album is getting a few reviews already (like this one) and quite a few radio stations are playing "Love Me Dead." If you hear it - call 'em and tell 'em to play it again!

Speaking of "Love Me Dead" we went ahead and made another video for it. You can see it right now, RIGHT HERE. If you're not getting your fill of Ludo video action, don't panic. New episodes of The Ludo Video Thing are right around the corner, and after a holiday hiatus should be rolling again by Monday at the latest. So keep an eye on

:: Where can i get the record? What can i do to spread the word? ::

In the next few days we'll have some details on exactly where you can get the
record (including pre-order info), AND what you can do to help word out about the "You're Awful..." In the meantime, just about every Best Buy in the country should have the record, and most Targets in the midwest. As far as spreading the word...Myspace. Put up the countdown clock from our page, use the album cover as your default pic, put "Ludo - 2/26" as your username. More on this soon! And speaking of MySpace, the tour diaries are in full effect yet again, and keep getting better. So drop by our MySpace page and check 'em out. Also - we just announced some tour dates, including our 4th appearance at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX. We're playing Thursday April 13th at the Get Happy Showcase featuring - Presidents of the United States..., Bowling for Soup, Zebrahead, Wheatus, and Army of Freshman. This is worth a road trip from anywhere. And lots more dates leading up to SXSW coming soon!!

You're Awful,


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