Friday, February 1, 2008

TOP SECRET Hot Water Music giveaway

HOT WATER MUSIC "Till the Wheels Fall Off" 2xLP


800 made on Gold vinyl, blank labels, with Glow-in-the-Dark Screen-Printed covers. Hand numbered!


*** These records were sold at the HWM shows in Florida and New Jersey, and WILL be for sale at the Chicago shows too. ***

Due to wacky, kwazy circumstances, we are offering them to you NOW. We have 100 available!

*** THE RULES ***

-- One per person only!
-- These are NOT listed under HWM on our website:
-- These are listed (top secret style) as: TERRIBLE "Awful" 2xLP. (Just do a search on our main page, or scroll through the distro catalog. When we sell the 100, it will become "out of stock". If there are any leftovers after the shows, we will make it "in stock", but we will not be keeping lists. You'll just have to check the site!

*** The shows have been insane! I saw the first two and it was a thing to witness. HWM in top form, excited and giving all for 2+ hours... There's nothing crazier than being in a room while 2,000 people sing along... hearing the crowd sing as loud as the band! --Var / No Idea

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