Sunday, February 3, 2008

NEWSLETTER: Danity Kane & Making The Band 4 Singles Now Available!!

"Got Me Going" the new single from the fellas from Making The Band 4
is available on iTunes® NOW Click HERE to purchase!
*Search "MTBBADBOY" for "Got Me Going" on iTunes®!

Need more of the girls? "Damaged" the new single from Danity Kane
is also available on iTunes® Click
HERE to purchase your copy NOW!
*Search "Danity Kane" for "Damaged" on iTunes®!

Season 2 has officially kicked off!

Bandmates Michael, Robert, Brian, Willie and Qwanell and surprise solo winner Donnie are back together, but there's a twist ... platinum-selling all-female pop group Danity Kane, winners of Making the Band 3, are joining the guys in the house while working on their new album! And P.Diddy wants to see who will finish first. The competition is going to be fierce, but P.Diddy's protégés are ready to go full throttle into superstar mode. So, buckle up and prepare for impact, 'cause it's time for another exciting season of Making the Band!

Show Airdates...
2nd Episode: February 4th (Monday)
3rd Episode:
February 11th (Monday)
4th Episode:
February 18th (Monday)
5th Episode:
February 25th (Monday)
6th Episode: March
3rd (Monday)
7th Episode: March 10th (Monday)
8th Episode:
March 17th (Monday)
9th Episode: March 22nd (Saturday)
10th Episode: March 22nd (Saturday) (Live on MTV)
*All episodes air 10PM ET/PT on MTV

Danity Kane & the guys from Making the Band 4 have officially taken over Imeem! Visit today and check out their official pages for all the latest music, videos, & more! Are you an imeem member? Add them as a friend today and check out their newest tracks
"Damaged" & "Got Me Going"...

Making the Band
HERE to visit their page NOW!

Danity Kane
Click HERE to visit their page NOW!

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